Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama filling out his team of "Bad News Bears"

It's a long and painful process to watch Obama filling power positions and cabinet posts with his lib pals and Clinton cronies. It's sort of like watching the Detroit Lions in slow motion on draft day over the last few decades. You know in advance that the team is a loser, and any new and promising players they select will eventually only add to their (and your) woes.

You don't like my analogy? The Detroit Lions may not have spent the last twenty years "worshipping" in a racist church or paling around with terrorists, but they have set the football bar of futility as low as it can possibly go (0-16?). It is my prediction that the Obama administration will share this bar of futility. I hope I'm wrong about that, I sincerely do. But then again I root for the Lions every year. *sigh* Look where that gets me.

Let me make one thing clear - As a Michigan resident and a self-described Lions fan, I do not feel an obligation to apology to the rest of the football nation for being subjected to the Lion's Thanksgiving debacle. I do not buy tickets to their games, nor do I purchase Detroit Lions licensed merchandise of any kind. In other words, I do not financially prop up this Ford-owned regime, assuring it's continuation. That responsibility sits squarely on the shoulders of those of you who do.

Likewise, I do not take any responsibility for the disaster that will be these next four years under Obama. I didn't vote him and I refuse to take an ounce of blame for his buffoonery because I am an American. However, unlike the Lions game in which I can turn the channel on the TV, I will find it impossible to ignore the fallout from Obamas "third and outs" and multiple fumbles and interceptions.

The American voters threw a "hail Mary" pass of "hope and change" this election cycle because of the economic meltdown in the financial markets. With Obama's election, the pass was intercepted by the same team that caused this economic crisis, yet 53% of the fans don't get it.

Tailgating before the game:
A large chunk of the 53% that make up the Obama voter is proudly displaying some type of pro Obama bumper sticker on their vehicle. It's like they are walking around wearing a sign that says "Hey, look at me! I'm ignorant!" Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the warning. I would expect this on every mini two-door hybrid that also had peace signs on every window and was filled with thick dope smoke. But many of these vehicles are otherwise normal looking. I wonder how long it will take before they start ripping them off their own cars in embarrasment when it is completely obvious (except maybe to those hybrid driving dope smokers) what a clayhead we have elected.

"Clay"head. Reminds me of the Detroit Lions owner, William Clay ("Clayhead") Ford. See how we've come back to the Lions full circle? Ford has owned the team since 1963 and they have been from bad to horrible ever since. His latest experiment of Matt Millen as GM brought us these memories: Coach Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback Joey Harrington. *ouch*

That's been the Lions biggest problem. Failure to accurately assess talent. Games are won in the trenches. The offensive line (domestic policy) and the defensive front line (national security and defense). Sound familiar Obama?

The part of Lions coach Rod Marinelli is being played by Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff. Other top Obama draft picks to make you cringe and look for a bag to put over your head: Secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton; Tom Daschle, secretary of Health and Human Services; Bill Richardson, Commerce secretary...

"With the first selection in the 2008 Presidential draft, the United States picks Barack Obama, quarterback from the streets of Chicago." BOO!!!!

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  1. Glad you are not taking responsibility for Obama. Sure hope you weren't repsonsible for Bush..:)