Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel's got legs and she knows how to use them

The terrorists that are Hamas fired Iranian made rockets into Israeli neighborhoods for the last two years with no real Israeli response, and certainly with no "Arab outrage". Until now.

Peace is achieved through victory, not some United Nations declaration of some bogus negotiated two-state solution. Now Hamas will reap what it has sown. Meanwhile, "Ayatollah 'Cassius Clay' Ali 'ZZ Top' Khamenei", supreme leader and lead guitarist for the terrorist Iran regime, has issued a fatwah to Muslims around the world to defend Palestinians in Gaza against Israeli attacks "in any way possible".

The dynamics are now in motion for Israel to address the existential threat that is a nuclear Iran. There is no negotiated settlement in this that would be real. Israel can't afford to "hope" that Ackmadeendude and his clown-a-tollahs find true religion. Iran must be dealt with now and with overwhelming force. Wishing this were not the case will not change this reality.

The US may not be ready to publicly sanction Israeli military action against these insainiacs. However, it is hard for me to believe that we would offer any serious resistance to Israel's efforts in this (at least this pre-obama time frame). After all, Israel's fight is our fight. In fact, our grandchildren's grandchildren's money might be better spent on one big Iranian parking lot than shinier roads and bridges here that would one day be lined by Islamic road signs.

I have this vision of a blindfolded and chained Ackmadeenadude being duck-walked around the United Nations Headquarters in New York City by the former US hostages of his.


  1. Forgetaboutit! The day is not complete without Dblade's insight.

    Great post my Man!

  2. one of my VERY favorite songs! GREAT connection there!