Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh My Christmas Tree

PICTURED: 4 boys enjoying a hay ride on their way to secure the Farkle family Christmas tree. Admittedly, one of these boys appears to be enjoying this ride more than his cousins. Either that, or his scarf is a little too tight. (Hey fellow Farkles - I have many more pictures from our adventures this year :)

Three Farkle family brothers, our wives and 8 kids went on the traditional Christmas tree hunt the day after Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun, regardless of the sour expression on the youngsters face above. We don't get to do this as a family every year any more because of busy schedules and other lame excuses.

I love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree in the house. Reminds me of my youth. I tend to cling to tradition (as well as my gun and religion). In fact, until a few years ago I was still putting the tree in a pail surrounded by rocks - just like my dad used to do. Until... the incident. *dramatic pause and leaving as a cliff-hanger*

The point is - a live and thriving Spruce tree that is soaking up the rain and the sunshine and growing in the field is never truly happy until it is freed from it's condition (with our help and the help of a jagged-toothed saw), tied on the roof of a car (leaking it's sappy life's blood from it's stump) it's lifeless corpse erected in a warm house and decorated with colorful lights and ornaments.

In the spirit of Obama's election and the "born alive" abortion legislation, I vow that if the tree I cut down somehow survives this ordeal (rootless and decapitated) I will free it back to the field.

My day was made merrier and brighter when I thought of this video during the search for our special tree...

The Michigan economy may be in a "downward climb", but the live Christmas Tree farms are thriving - according to this Detroit News article:
Michigan's multimillion dollar Christmas tree industry apparently is off to a strong start with retailers and tree lots reporting decent weekend sales, according to industry experts.

The weekend following Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of the fresh-cut Christmas tree season. Marsha Gray, executive director of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association, polled tree farmers Monday, and they reported higher-than-average sales...

Historically we see that when the economy is a little rough, people tend to buy live trees," she said. "That's because they're staying home and not traveling.
Michigan. We may not manufacture cars much longer, but we still grow trees here!


  1. Off topic a bit, I just want to say hi to you, long time no hear from. I was glad to have seen your post on my blog and to remind me that you are still out there.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and i hopt to see you on the board again soon.

  2. I think you used the "Farkle Family" term just to get a response from me-and it worked!! I noticed a large jump in the number of hits to your site- maybe you should feature the "Farkle Family" more often.

  3. Hey- that last comment was made by me!!!!!

  4. Oh... My... Gawd......
    She is SOOOO ripping off Leonard Nimoy. Remember when Spock was mind melding with the " Mother Horta " in Star Trek (TOS) episode "The Devil In The Dark"?? The red blob monster with the carbuncles and rug tassels around the bottom ?? It's almost verbatim.

    "MURDERERS !!!!!!"

    "Dammitt Jim, I'm a doctor, NOT a bricklayer"
    or in this case,
    "Dammitt Jim, I'm a doctor, NOT a tree surgeon"

  5. Dammitt Blade, my code didn't work, it's SUPPOSED to be this .......

  6. Thanks for the clarification Pic Pic, but I had you spotted out! And Cartman, Spock does a great Earth Firster imitation (once he gets going at about the 6:15 mark). Thanks for stopping by DD2. See ya on the internets!

  7. I look at photos like this and think, boy, wouldn't it be great to go on a hayride around Christmastime? And then I see the mufflers and the hats and the mittens and I think, boy, I sure am glad I live in Southern California!