Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Rachel Maddow, from this Flint resident and with all due respect, "I hope you dance."

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not responsible for pupal and retina detachments or other injuries (accidental or self-inflicted) involving the orbital socket region of the whole eye area as a result from watching the following video (in parts or it's entirety) that contains footage of Rachel Maddow in her natural environment (no, not THERE!). The blogmaster had special glasses (usually reserved for solar eclipses) and was able to break it down for you if you just scroll on past. You've been warned. 
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OK, roll tape...

0:15 - Kid Rock introduces Paul Ryan at a local Michigan rally.
0:20 - They "hug it out... oh yah!"
0:25 - Rachel throws a dig at Mitt for not visiting the Mitten state since August.

0:55 - Maddow mentions Ryan's "low point" in his latest visit to Michigan as the interview with the "award-winning" local reporter from Flint, Michigan.

Stop the blog! As many of you already know, I am from Flint - A native Flintoid, born and raised, and except for the summer of 2010 working at the Press in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, I have lived all of my 50ish years in Flint. You may also already know that I spent 31 years in the newspaper business, most at the Flint Journal when it still printed a dead tree version every day. So let me just say this...

Miss Maddow. I've worked with many award-winning reporters. Many award-winning reporters were friends of mine. Miss Maddow, Terry Camp is no award-winning reporter."

OK, maybe he is. They tend to give themselves those awards and just pass them around to each other. I just thought it was humorous of Maddow to go out of her way to praise this guy. It doesn't change the fact that I've never heard of him before this story, and I work in Flint and am a voracious daily consumer of news. I just don't waste time watching local slanted broadcasts. 

Back to the action...

1:00 - She then plays the clip that was the subject of my satirical blog yesterday - and the one I shamelessly self-link back to again here, and highly recommend you read it (if you haven't already) because I have an innate pressing need for acceptance and a desire to be blog loved. There. I said it.

Maddow spends the rest of the clip trying to defend the obnoxious reporter's actions. She starts by rightly pointing out that Flint is the most violent city in America, so in Maddow's world, Camp's line of questioning is understandable. We Flint folks know full well that tax cuts are the reason for our economic depression and violent city. It has nothing to do with unending Democrat political control and the destruction wrought by the UAW and other destructive unions here.

4:15 - Maddow plays the race card here. Took her long enough.

"If I were the Romney/Ryan campaign, I too would try to trash the reporter who got my candidate to admit on camera that he thinks inner city poor people need to be taught good character and that's what will get them out of policy."
Nice try Maddow, trying to tie Ryan's comments to all inner city folk when clearly they were talking specifically about the evil doers.

By the way, Miss Maddow, just to give you some FLINT perspective, there was a story here this week about a dude who was shot in the face while dancing at an after-hours club on Sunday. The good news is that he is in fair condition. The bad news is HE WAS SHOT WHILE DANCING. Ho hum. That's how we do in Flint yo.

Uhhh, I'd say there is a character problem with the shooter, regardless (or "irregardless" for you Burton folks) of  his skin color. Listen to Ryan's answer again you twit. He is dead on the money. The democrat union-fueled machine here has ripped the traditional American family apart. Dance floor shootings soon follow.

The left's answer has always been to try to grab the guns instead of fixing the problem they don't even recognize. That's what Fast and Furious was intended to do. Yet Maddow (and I paraphrase here) suggests that Obama somehow has fully embraced the second amendment and that he is a gun rights lover. 

So in conclusion, I... must... tear at... my eye sockets... THEY BURN!


  1. Seemed like the reporter was way out of his league. More than likely he will be lauded for his courage irregardless (I've been to Burton) of idiotic it was.

    Maybe Flint needs to take Chitown's lead and tax guns and ammo. This will certainly stop crime. Tax the criminals, that's what I say.

  2. Haha! Just raise the tax on the 40 ouncers.

  3. What to say?

    I'm glad that I set down my beverage. Heh.