Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post Debate Headline: Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter, seized his knees, and sneezed

When the likes of Michael Moore and Chris Matthews acknowledge the president was on the receiving end of a good ol' fashioned ass whooping, you KNOW it must have been bad.

One of the better highlights was Governor Romney's response to obama continually going back to his prepared and barely memorized talking points misrepresenting Governor Romney's economic plan.

ROMNEY: “Look, I have five boys, I’m used to people saying something that isn’t always true and keep on saying it hoping ultimately I will believe it.”

...Now come here son and take your medicine.

We interupt this blog to answer the telephone in the Situation Room of the palatial Chattering Teeth Blog Studios.


CT: Hello.

BILL CLINTON: CT, I want you to listen to me now ... no President ... no President ... not me ... not any of my predecessors ... no one ... could have fully excused all the damage he had caused over the previous four years ... in just one 90 minute debate. That's all I have. Gotta run!


CT: Well that's a good point made by former president Clinton and maybe everyone is being a little to hard on Obama. Maybe he should be given credit for keeping a promise for once and not delivering any zingers, just as he said he wouldn't.


My goodness, there's the phone again boys and girls!

CT: Hello?

BIG BIRD: (singing) Sunny day, sweepin'the clouds awaaay... On my way to where the air is sweeeet!

CT: What's up Bird?

BIG BIRD: Can you help me move my shit, move my shit to 123 Solyndra Streeeet!


  1. A couple of observations from last nights "ass whoopin" of Obama. First, I loved the split screen because you could watch the opponent as the other was speaking. Every time Mitt was speaking, Obama was subdued and fidgety. Every time Obama was opening his pie hole, Mitt was energized and engaged and just "a waitin" to come out of his corner to address the falsehoods spewing forth.

    The other observation had to do with the last sentence above. Obama has proved, once and for all to see, that he is truly a pathological liar because he could help himself with just lying himself, he just had to go and lie for Mitt as well. It took Mitt three separate times to wake Obama up to this fact as it related to Mitt's economic plan.

  2. Don't forget Bill Mahr who commented that it looked as though BO really did need the teleprompter.

    I'm not fooled by these libs, though. These turds will still vote for the T-in-Chief.

  3. rosey, The split screen was great! Obama's head was down as you've described, but I think he was actually trying to bow to Romney but the podium was in the way :)

    cube, There is no doubt you're right regarding those true leftist believers. I do think Obama's meltdown will dispirit some from the occupy crowd who are angry he wasn't spitting venom, class warfare and/or pooping on the side of the podium. It's still early though and still just may!

  4. The real fun last night was on CNN and MSNBC after the debate. The looks on the faces of the libs was thoroughly enjoyable.

  5. Chuck, I didn't get to see those lib faces as I had those channels aborted from my TV years ago (and it was past my bed time). I am somewhat surprised there has been such an overwhelming verdict from the left that Romney won. I don't know why they havent just lied and covered up obama's loss like they usually do.

  6. I too was surprised at how easily Obama's MSM allies folded like a cheap suit. The carefully crafted persona they sold America came to a full frontal view of their emperor without his clothes.