Thursday, October 25, 2012

Replica Moia or Obama bust? You decide!

Today's Palate Cleanser Pop Quiz:
The following 1 minute 47 second video taken along a Hawaiian road shows...

1) Researchers demonstrating their controversial theory on how the Easter Island Moai statues were transported from the island's rock quarries to their final position. 

2) Obama's recently completed 10-foot, 8,700-pound Presidential bust he had commissioned for his planned library being "walked" by disillusioned students toward the Kilauea Volcano for recycling.

Apparently, archaeologists don't all agree on just how these Polynesian megaliths were moved. Some believe the statues were laid prone and rolled along on logs, while others have adopted this "rockin' the fridge" strategy used in the video.  

Sadly, we know more about the origin of these 800-year-old Moai and how they got to where they are today then we do the 51-year-old Obama.

Maybe he really WAS born in Hawaii! Maybe he DID excel in college! Maybe he really DOES love this country!

“It’s a great story but the archaeological evidence doesn’t really support it,” said one archaeologists.


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  2. How about Obamoia? Or Moiabama? Either way I like hearing the words "obama" and "bust" together.

    BTW that video was pretty cool. It is one more feasible theory of how the statues were moved.

  3. That is freaking amazing! (the walking statue part) Obama is slug.

  4. cube- I know I'm late in responding, but that cracked me up! I'm sure the actual obama bust will be made much larger, but in full bow mode. The Bowing Moiabama!

    Shang! They should just put that rock on a giant skateboard, get it to the beach and hit the waves bra!