Sunday, October 28, 2012

Republican's War on Chili Peppers!

Recognizing The Right Of Plants To Evolve
Thank Gaia for NPR, HuffingGlue Post and the rest of the liberal media. You don't hear a peep about this issue from the fetus-loving Faux News watchers.

In other news, President Obama holds a 12 point lead in the latest poll of vegetables.


  1. Your brain thinks in mysterious ways, DaBlade :-)

    BTW I thought all Obamavoters were vegetables.

  2. Haha, why thank you cube! I have to have my outlet for the insanity that surrounds us. And you're right, all obamavoters ARE vegetables, but not all veggies are obamavoters. All potatos lean toward Romney. There isnt a joke there apparently, but I just refuse to believe otherwise.