Tuesday, October 30, 2012

World's crappiest picture of the coolest Hunter's Moon

I took this picture with my cell phone on the way to work yesterday around 7:45AM. You have to trust me that the orange orb over the corn field is actually a picture of the moon (I was aiming west and not using a 'smart' phone). Since this was taken in the morning, it's not technically the Hunter's Moon, a term coined by Native Americans to describe the first full moon in October and a time to stockpile Cap'n Crunch for the long winter ahead. Unfortunately, the rising Hunter's moon was obscured by the massive hurricane for many, but East coast folks have more to worry about than their view of the moon.


  1. It not that bad for a photo taken in a moving car using a cell phone.

  2. It could be the theme of this blog. A daily crappy picture from the window of my moving car using my cell phone. ehh. sounds like too much work.