Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th

TSG: Ghoulish mentally handicapped cage fighting:
MARCH 12--Six employees of a Texas home for mentally disabled adults have been charged with encouraging residents to fight each other. The "fight club" ring at the Corpus Christi State School was discovered by cops after investigators obtained cell phone videos showing the workers goading residents to brawl in common areas of dormitories at the state facility.
Unsubstantiated reports include the arrest of Michael Vick allegedly trying to sneak out the back.

By anyone's definition, this "Texas home for mentally disabled adults" has failed miserably at it's primary mission. I would go so far as to say that this home is morally bankrupt for sinking to this level of depravity.

Therefore, we can only conclude that this Corpus Christi State School is deserving of being propped up with an infusion of emergency funds. I think a few $Billion from Obama and the democrats should cover it. Isn't that the ratio of dollars to saved jobs under Obama's "stimulus"? The messiah-in-chief has already been credited with saving 25 cop jobs for one year in Ohio with the paltry $Trillion or two, and saving a half dozen jobs at this home would put a large feather in Huggy Bear's economic pimp hat!


Ali vs Foreman was known as The Rumble In The Jungle. Ali vs Frazier was "The Thrilla in Manila".

What should we call the upcoming rematch between patient's Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Jones? I hear Mrs. Johnson won the first bout by decision.


  1. To be honest when you said mentally disabled adults, I thought you were talking about Democrats. I wondered what fun it would be to watch a bunch of sissies fight.

    I'm only kidding, I would not belittle the disabled by calling them Democrats.

    As far as this story, it's vomit-worthy. I worked at a group home for developmentally disabled adults when I was in school. The idea of treating a human being like this is stunning. I heard stories of abuse, mostly old ones from when the state hospitals were open, that would make your hair stand on end. They not only need to imprison the people caught at the scene but look into the leadership of this home. In my experience it is hard for something like this to happen in a facility with no one in management knowing, people talk...

  2. Hard to believe this kind of activity still survives in this age of cell phone cameras and YouTube viral videos.

  3. This is what happens when a full moon and a friday the 13th come so close together.

  4. Chuck- "I would not belittle the disabled by calling them Democrats..." - You, sir, possess much funny :)
    cube- This is a tragic story.
    VM- Did Oldenburg Moor have a teleprompter, and was this chariot of fire a Lincoln Continental?
    RK- A worm moon no less!