Monday, March 2, 2009

What does Obama, Barbie, and HS Hockey have in common?

They are all answers to today's pop quiz.
This blog is distracted because...
A) The messiah-in-chief has submitted a budget with "the single largest increase in federal spending in the history of the United States", while driving the deficit to levels that will cripple our economy and pile on debt for generations.
B) Barbie Turns 50!

C) High School Hockey playoffs begin tonight
D) The obligatory "ALL OF THE ABOVE"

"When in doubt, Charley out".

In other words, answer "C" every time you are clueless on a multiple choice. At least that's what my high schooler says is his emergency strategy for the SAT and ACT tests. While he bases this on anecdotal evidence (a friend of a friend got a "29" this way), it does happen to be this week's correct answer to the above poll question.

Tonight at Peranis Arena: Pre-regional hockey game at 5 p.m., between Flint Powers Catholic and Lapeer West.
Thursday, March 5th: Regional Semifinals. The winner from the above *POWERS-COUGH!* *ahem* excuse me, will take on the winner of tonight's 7PM matchup between Flint Kearsley and Lapeer East.
Saturday, March 7th Regional Finals at Peranis (noon).
Wednesday, March 11th, Quarter finals at Lansing Summit
Friday, March 13th Semi Finals at Compuware
Saturday, March 14th State Finals at Compuware.

Can't make it? Then check out Bill Khan's Division 3 hockey pre-regional Live blog. He does a fantastic job with these.



  1. I grew up less than a mile from Powers. We used to sneak down there and play in the woods and hills behind the school. My parents didn't want us to because it was next to Northwestern, the Hellhole of Flint schools. Of course this never really stopped me and my brother and cousins and friends. Thinking back now it wasn't worth the risk of getting in trouble, if they hadn't told us not to go there we probably never would have:)

    Good luck on the Hockey playoffs.

  2. Chuck- you played in our outdoor science lab? As for Northwestern, in all the years Powers has been there, they have been decent neighbors. We've never had any real problems.

    As for the hockey game, it ended up Powers 3, Lapeer 0. Kind of ant-climatic. Not the dominating performance one expected, but the games aren't played on paper. I also thought Powers would beat Lapeer like Rihanna, but Chris "Powers" Brown was in full makeup mode tonight. Oh well. A win is a win.

  3. This makes at least 2 Barbie posts DaBlade...just sayin'

  4. It might of have gotten better. I haven't lived there for 30 years. Northwestern was quite dangerous when we lived in the area.

  5. I learned, "When in doubt, take the derivative", but that doesn't apply here so nevermind!

  6. Chuck- I didn't mean to contradict you. I graduated from there in '79 and it's always been a rough area. (Why are so many Catholic schools located in scary parts of towns?) I get defensive though, because we've never had problems caused by this. The talk of relocation is really heating up now.
    RK- Every man is entitled to a vice or two, is he not?
    cube- derivitive? Are you one of them there "mathmageniouses?"

  7. Wasn't taken that way my friend. I always liked Powers. We went there for some basketball games, we may have actually been there together at one point, I graduated in '80. Being from Beecher and going there, Powers always seemed fancy because it was fairly new then. Beecher was a dump and some of the buildings I believe have been closed due to structural problems.