Monday, March 16, 2009

Michigan Madness

The "N.I.T." will have to be spelled without Michigan this year, as the Wolverines break the 11-year NCAA tournament drought with the No. 10 seed in the South Region. Will they make a "Beilein" to the final four at Ford Field in Detroit this year? Now THAT would be sweet! At least the Ed Martin taint has finally been purged.

Good luck to everybody in their various office pools (DISCLAIMER: Except those competing against me, in which case - Good luck to me!). Here are some Youtube vids to set the mood.

No Sleep Til April

A takeoff on The Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn


Not a takeoff on Elton John - Rocketman

Basketball Jones
"I need help, ladies and gentlemens."

That basketball was like a basketball to me.


  1. Nice to see THE University of Michigan back in the dance.

  2. Hi, I joined your group of Disturbed Individuals today.

  3. I even picked Mich to upset Clemson in the first round!!! Sparty all the way-until they play Louisville.

  4. Chuck- My blood is maize and blue (with a touch of the Irish:)
    RisR- You are disturbed indeed. Thanks, and Welcome!
    Pic Pic - It's not out of the question.

  5. SPORTS? SPORTS AGAIN!? Well...okay!

    Where IS Clemson, anyway? I like the schools whose city or State is in the NAME!! (Smile)

  6. #1 son graduated high school in '93. He started playing hoops in a competitive league when in 4th grade. He was really wrapped up into it and after a couple years I started calling him "Basketball Jones." He didn't like that.

    He was captain of his high school team in his senior year. But, being a 5'7" white kid at the time (he's still white) couldn't be considered for a Div. 1 school.