Sunday, March 8, 2009


In case there was any doubt. Here is just but one more reason... What better use of Federal tax dollars than the continued promotion of infanticide?
Obama will continue his advancement of the culture of death on Monday, provided his handlers prepare him the necessary paperwork and successfully load "words" into his Teleprompter (otherwise, he is like a flashlight without the batteries). The messiah-in-chief is expected to sign an executive order Monday that will repeal restrictions on the Dr. Mengele style embryonic stem cell research and once again open the floodgates to this diabolical and insidious desecration of human life. These restrictions were put in place by President Bush to limit this inherently evil experimentation to the so-called 21 existing stem cell lines already in existence in 2001. These restrictions were unacceptable to the godless libs, as it did not allow for continued killing and cheapening of human life under the shallow and phony guise of "research", and has slowed the advancement of their pro abortion liberal agenda.
Because stem cells obtained from very early embryos are believed to be capable of morphing into any tissue in the body, scientists think that they will yield fundamental insights into the underlying causes of many diseases...
uhhh... capable of morphing?
"Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

Jane "The feeble-minded democrat": Even if they don't "yield insights into diseases", what's the big deal about a mountain of slaughtered and discarded babie embryos? It's worth the risk of upsetting a few Christian extremists for the chance that researches might stumble upon a more effective beauty cream to help keep me looking youger.
Opponents, however, have argued that research on human embryonic stem cells has become unnecessary because of scientific advances, including promising studies involving adult stem cells and the ability to transform them so that they appear to have many of the properties of embryonic cells.
Jane "The feeble-minded democrat": Why use a non-controversial and completely ethical alternative that does not result in any baby deaths? How does THAT advance the overall pro choice, maximum death, militant feminazi agenda? My democrats would have to come up with another ruse than the continued bogus reason of "medical research".
"God’s love does not differentiate between the newly conceived infant still in his or her mother’s womb and the child or young person, or the adult and the elderly person."


  1. I'm not surprised. BO has set out to unravel Bush policies one by one.

  2. Bush only banned the public funding
    not the research.

  3. There are some things (most things?) that can not be compromised with these people. Bush's mistake is taht he tried.

  4. Good post! Where did you get the picture of the poor babies being hung out to dry. Startling!

  5. The adult stems cells are FAR FAR more promising, not questionably so as suggested in that're so right.

    I remember Laura Bush mentioned that to Larry King and he just glazed over. We have to remember this isn't about helping people get well, this is about AGENDA. GOT to kill babies, GOT to get little kids proficient at slipping condoms onto bananas, GOT to get them believing everybody has 2 mommies, and, above ALL...GET "GOD THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" AT ALL COSTS, He's MESSING THINGS UP FOR THE AGENDA!

    Isn't that right out of the Communist Manifesto!? :-) Maybe not those exact words!!

    It just occurred to me: If this really WAS a question of ethics and helping, wouldn't the left be focused on the one protocol that HAS shown itself to be effective? i.e. ADULT stem cells? WHy bother NOW with others when one's proven good?

    Dude's right: Bush never banned the research, just public funding, but our media couldn't take that and has to misrepresent. Again.

    and Again

  6. Michele- I stumbled across that pic a while back looking for something else. I remembered it being sufficiently freakish for this post. It comes from an album cover called Youthanasia by a band called Megadeth. The band name is appropriate, though I can't speak of their music.
    Z- How can you tell when Larry King glazes over? :) and you are sooo right about the agenda driven left.

  7. As long as Obama is working overtime to make America fail, Americans have every right to work to ensure that Obama fails.

  8. Rush has a picture on his web site of a homeless person waiting in line for her free meal taking a picture of Michelle O with her cell phone. It made me think of when reporters and politicians try to live on $8 a day,or whatever it is,that welfare people get per day for food. I always think it would be a fun challenge to see if I could eat for free that week. I'd go to soup kitchens, churches etc. I bet I could do it and the only cost would be for bus fare. I would then spend any unused money on lottery tickets!!

  9. The goal here isn't research, it is to ensure more profits for the abortion industry,