Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama has sucked the green right out of St. Patrick's Day

From DaBlade's email bag (thanks to MSgtEd)...

Poll question: How many green beers would one need to consume at Obama's St. Patty's Day toga party at the White House before the beer goggles kicked in, causing Nany Pelosi to look "hot"?

OK, no more "rhetardical" questions. By the way, where IS George?

At least we can all agree that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is a sarcastic A--hole.
Question: "One quick followup: Former Vice President Cheney was on State of the Union yesterday. He had a lot -- a lot of criticism of this White House.

"To boil it down, on national security, he said the president's policies were making the country less safe. And on the economy, he was charging that the president is taking advantage of the financial crisis to vastly expand the government in all kinds of ways -- health, education, energy.

"How do you respond to those kind of allegations from the former vice president?"

Gibbs: "Well, I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy ... so they trotted out the next most popular member of the Republican cabal.
YouTube vids of Cheney telling it like it is, and the above silly question/"answer".

I do have to hand it to Gibbs that at least he is working without a teleprompter. His lies and obfuscations are delivered without so much as an "aaaaand" or a "thaaaaat", speech cadence so common in an Obama address because he is stalling while desperately trying to read the next sentence. It is interesting how Obama and his spokesman pounce on critics like a gang of Chicago thugs. Of course the leftwing blogoshere loves this stuff, with their headlines reading "Republican Cabal", "Gibbs Slams Cheney", "Gibbs Delivers Verbal Slap at Cheney", "Rush Was Busy", etc. and so on ad nauseum.

To be completely honest, I always found myself wishing that the Bush White House would defend themselves with these types of caustic comebacks. Put me at that podium and the gloves would come off if I had to take questions from the likes of the Helen Thomases and the rest of the handmaidens on the left. In retrospect, his dignity and professionalism is appreciated even more now that it is gone. Sure, Tony Snow could deliver a bitingly sarcastic line in front of a hostile press corps, but he did it with humor, honor and dignity. You either have it or you don't, as it doesn't translate well on the teleprompter.


  1. See what happens when you go after Rush with phony allegations? You end up with Green egg on your face big time

  2. Cabal? Really? Did they get the idea to use that word from HRC?

  3. It really is an odd thing to have the official spokesperson for the president referring to the man who was the VP of the US for the past 8 years as a member of a "cabal." This seems unprecedeented to me. The daily attacks on private citizens by the official WH spokesman is very whiney, petulant and small. I sense that the Obama admin sees it as a continuing campaign and the opponent is to be denounced constatntly but not debated on issues.

  4. Reagan was the best at deflecting the nutty libs cheap shots. It drove them crazy!! Bush just stood there and said nothing- I guess he thought he was above it all. I ordered the Saul Alinsky Marxist book for radicals so I can follow along with the Lib wackos. They have to have a villain to blame things on so nobody notices how much their socialist/Marxist crap screws up the country.

  5. I think the Bush administration should've been more forceful in refuting the many lies repeated by the left, but BO's has gone over the top with their attack rhetoric. If it keeps up, it will come back and bite him in the butt.

  6. BTW there's no shortage of green for White House parties.

  7. I'm with Cube. I used to think I wanted Bush to be more forceful with his defense and combating his critics. Now that I see it being done, it just looks petty and amatuerish. I'm glad Bush stuck to the high road, to Hell with the critics.

  8. MDR- The Maha Rushie don't play!
    RK- I would love to slap that smirk off Gibb's face :)
    Dart- Have you dropped the "monkey" since they started ripping off faces? You can't be judged by one bad apple! You're right on with the "attacks on private citizens". Squash dissent with the power of the government (right Joe the Plumber?)
    Pic Pic- Let m know if you learn their language.
    cube- I wonder if Obama answers the White House doorbell and greets the guests on Wednesdays (and other special holiday toga party days) looking like Hugh Hefner, in a robe and smoking a pipe.
    Chuck- I thought they were the party of tolerance and bipartisianship?

  9. Helen Thomas, truly the face of the White House press corpse.