Wednesday, March 25, 2009

logic loop of contradiction

Self-imposed blog blackout lifted temporarily for an obligation on my part to complete the blog "Circle of Life". I had to smile (which hasn't been easy this week) when I visited Chuck's blog this morning. He plugs a recently discovered blog ( and credits fellow blogger Z for pointing him to it. Chuck posted this picture of himself wearing the T-Shirt he won.
Hint: Look closely at his computer monitor

Thanks for the subliminal product placement advertising Chuck, and thanks for making me laugh!

Disclaimer: For the record, I love both "the media" AND the blog "I Hate The Media". Will this cause a logic loop of contradiction in my brain?

So in conclusion:
I. Visit these blogs frequently, repetitiously, repeatedly, routinely and often.
Chuck Thinks Right
I hate The Media
II. Support your local media
III. Laugh.


The Screaming Conservative said...

I must agree with you and them

Chuck said...

Thanks DaBlade. Sorry to hear your having a rough time. I tried to get the image of your blog to flash rapidly so it would be subliminal but I don't know how. Hope things go better, see you around friend.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I'm just as nutty as you are on this one.

RightKlik said...

Sorry Will Robinson, that does not compute.

Anonymous said...

Why do you folks waste so much time and energy on these stupid subjects?

DaBlade said...

c'mon brother! It's called a sense of humor. Have fun for once and stop being so angry. That negative energy won't get you too far brother. Stop taking yourself so seriously.