Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shave and a haircut - Two bits reports today that the Earth will have another close shave with a newly discovered space rock.
ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly-discovered asteroid 2009 FH is flying past Earth today, March 18th, only 85,000 km (0.00057 AU) away. That's a little more than twice the altitude of a geosynchronous communications satellite. There is no danger of a collision with the 20-meter-wide space rock--just a close shave. Experienced amateur astronomers can track 2009 FH using this ephemeris. It is shining about as brightly as a 14th magnitude star.

Into the hallway children! Single file, if you please!

I always felt safe with a schoolbook and it's half-inch binding protecting my head. Especially when I was 6 years old and the tornado sirens were blaring away and our teacher (who had been through the Beecher tornado) went completely insane. My mom always came up to the school and checked us out when there were tornado warnings. It wasn't supposed to be allowed, but school administrators knew that my mom packed more punch than an "F5" when crossed.

As for the space rock, I will stand in the backyard with my cellphone camera at the ready, and will immediately post the picture when I can nail it. Hopefully, this will not be another Tunguska event. I just planted those shrubs last year! brings up a good question regarding 2009 FH:
Interestingly, this new object comes only two weeks after a larger (50 metre wide) asteroid was spotted passing the Earth at a similar distance. So it begs the question, why are we seeing so many asteroids lately?
I wonder if the astronauts on the ISS are assuming the position again. Duck and cover! I do this every time Obama steps up to his teleprompter.

Are these cascades of space rocks a sign of the Obama apocalypse? Are these actually the scout ships of a pending alien invasion? Is it a case of mistaken identity, and these reported space rocks are really just astronaut Heidi's tool and makeup bag racing around in geosynchronous?


  1. When I first saw the top picture in your post, for a second I figured that you were going to make some points about Muslim prayer in American schools.

  2. Blade,I will rest easier with the knowledge that you are on full alert in your backyard with a cellphone camera in one hand and a textbook in the other shielding your head. Your doing God's work my friend.

  3. Checking out your link.

    BTW, my dad went through the Beecher tornado. My grandmother tells us stories of it. Bad time.

  4. "Why are we seeing so many asteroids lately?"

    Do I even have to say it?

  5. dmarks- :) which kids are doing it wrong?
    LTD- Thanks. I think I scared the rock off. We're safe now!
    Pic pIc- DaBlade is always on guard. I got yer back.
    Chuck- I thought of you when I made the Beecher tornado reference. Tornados not that uncommon in Michigan, but those f5 monsters thankfully are rare.
    RK- You are forcing us to add our own punchline?

  6. The reason we hear about so many more asteroids now is that we have people in charge of looking out for them. In the old days we were totally oblivious to their presence. Out of sight, out of mind.