Monday, March 9, 2009


Who knew that "Notre Dame" was French for "Not the Dome"...

If you look closely at the bottom left of this picture, you just might see in the background the golden dome that sits atop the University of Notre dame's Main Building. The problem is that when I took this picture, I thought I was taking the dome in all of it's goldeny glory. Nothing against the Washington Hall, for as you can plainly see, it's a handsome building in it's own right. It's just that I didn't realize it was what filled the viewscreen.

"How is this possible?," I imagine you asking incredulously. Well, I used my whatcha-ma-callit camera phone. Or is it phone camera? Whatever. The point is, it was my first time. Actually this was my second time. The first time I used this phone camera thingy was seconds earlier, when I managed to snap a surprisingly clear photo of my left index finger. Anyway, those things are meant for oral communication, as they don't aim worth a crap.

Now in my defense, the sun was shining in my eyes as I sat on the park bench, sipping on a $4.25 caramel frappucino purchased at the campus Starbucks in the nearby student union, LaFortune. My back hurt from the over 3 hour drive to pick up my boy and take him home for spring break. I had left him in his dorm room to pack while I slipped out to get a quick campus and caffeine fix. It was a perfect setting. I sat on the bench in the spring-like warmth, and heard three gongs of the bell emanate from the Sacred Heart of the Bascilica across the way. I looked up at the beautiful Golden Dome and noticed a small bird sitting on the statue of the Virgin Mary's head. "What a great picture this will make!," thought I, apparently assuming there was a 500X telescopic lense inside my miniature flip top.

I had always thought of myself as a somewhat tech savvy kinda guy. I never was naive enough to think I lived on the cutting edge, but I always assumed I could operate a tele-camera phone thingy.


  1. Camera phones are not that easy to use IMHO

  2. I guess I'm getting old, but I really hate phones that are designed to do everything.

  3. Chuck- Thanks for that. It helps somehow to realize others I respect suffer from the same malady.
    PCC- Stress? WHAT STRESS!!?
    RK- I'm not that adept at using it for it's main intended purpose either *sigh*